Jack and the Beanstalk: An Express Pawn Fairy Tale

This is Jack and his cow Sally. Jack needs a bit of money.jack1

Down in the village of West Haven there lies a place called Express Pawn.pawn

Jack: “Dear kind sir, I hear that this is a place where I can sell my gold and find great treasures.”

Sir: “You have heard right.”

Jack: “I would like to trade my cow Sally for those magic beans on the shelf.”

Sir: “Gladly, we have been in search of a friend for Monsieur Bacon. I believe Sally is worth that can of Magic beans. I will accept your deal!”




The next morning, to no one’s surprise, a beanstalk had grown tall into the sky.


Better than gold, better than cows; at the top of the stalk a golden chicken he found.


From the top of the stalk Jack was heard to shout, “Thank you Express Pawn for the best deals around!”

jack is happy

Jack is smiling ear to ear because he just got top dollar for his chicken at Express Pawn.


Sally and Bacon say, “Come on down to Express Pawn and sell us your gold!”

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How much is your change really worth?

Searching the couch cushions for loose change? That long-lost dime might be worth more than you think! We all know that the price value of a dime is 10 cents; but with the rising cost of silver, all dimes are worth at least $1.57! Silver is not the only thing that makes these coins valuable: rare dates, mint marks and design varieties can make dimes well worth over a hundred of dollars. In fact, a draped bust dime from the late 1790s to the early 1800s can be worth up to $400. Time to search through those old coins and see what you can find!

Spongebob-money-1 dime

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