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What Kind Of Things Can Be Sold To CT Gold Buyers?

What kinds of things can be sold to used gold buyers in CT? Gold can be found in jewelry, as well as coins, electronics, and even old dental fillings. In fact, if you look around your house, it’s almost guaranteed that you can find something containing gold. Some of the most common items sold to scrap gold buyers are earrings missing their mate, broken chains, and rings with missing stones.

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How Much Cash Will A CT Gold Buyer Offer For My Gold Jewelry?

How much will the used gold buyer offer for my gold? Most scrap gold buyers pay between ten and 20 percent less than what the gold is actually worth so that they are able to resell it for a profit. It is very important to know what your gold is worth so that you don’t get ripped off. Dealers typically won’t tell you how they arrived at their calculation of how much to pay you, but this is exactly how they do it. If you are offered less than 80 percent of the calculated value, look somewhere else to sell your gold. A reputable local gold buyer will be willing to explain the pricing and give you time to consider the offer

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How Do CT Gold Buyers Determine Cash Payout?

A reputable used gold buyer should be willing to explain the process to you and will make sure that you understand their pricing. Watch out for gold refiners such as those who advertise on TV who quote you a price without any information to justify it, as you may have been offered an unreasonably low price for the gold you’re trying to sell.

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What’s The Difference Between Refiner & Middleman When Dealing With CT Gold Buyers?

This question can help you understand how much profit a ct gold buyer must make on the transaction of buying your used gold. Middlemen sell to refiners, and must offer you a slightly lower price in order to make a profit when selling your used gold. On the other hand, these are the used gold buyers in CT that are easiest to find, as they tend to include pawn shops, jewelry stores, and other local gold buyers.

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